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Develop a Board

Having an active and effective Board of Directors is the most important ingredient to the success of your organization. The members of your Board of Directors make up the governing body of your nonprofit and are legally accountable for its actions. The buck stops with them…at least it is supposed to! 

That’s why board development and support is one of the most important services I provide for the sustainability and growth of your mission and your organization.

Members of your Board of Directors provide expertise and guidance to the organization. Board members’ efforts are focused on matters which will have the greatest impact on the organization and on the policies related to accountability, quality of service and long-term stability.

I support boards by advising on:

  • Developing a recruiting and on-boarding strategy.
  • Training on board responsibilities such as creating and managing financial processes, budgeting, and legal filing requirements.
  • Ensuring your organization is operating according to IRS requirements and has the proper processes and policies in place.
  • Strengthening communication and relationships between board members and between the board, Executive Director and staff.
  • Activating your board to keep them engaged in your organization’s fundraising and program goals.
  • Running an engaging, effective and legally compliant board meeting.
  • Establishing an effective governance structure including board roles and responsibilities, board officer job descriptions and increasing productivity by utilizing committees.
  • Vision casting and strategic planning that achieves long-term stability and growth.
Develop a Board

Contact me to discuss your needs, and together we can create a plan to develop and active and effective board that provides the stability and  support you need to achieve your goals.