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Start Your Nonprofit We Simplify Nonprofit Formation So You Can Focus on Your Mission

Our highly personalized approach takes you through the entire process of forming your nonprofit that not only ensures you get IRS tax-exempt approval, but sets you up for long-term success. We do the work so you don’t have to.

What You Get When You Work with Kim:

  • Simplicity – We work together through the exact steps you need to take to get your nonprofit organization off the ground and get your tax-exempt approval. We even do most of the work for you!
  • Experience – Kim has worked in the nonprofit sector for more than 30-years, serving on boards and at the executive level within several organizations. Plus she’s helped dozens of nonprofits get their IRS tax-exempt approval.
  • Cost – Sure, you could hire a lawyer to do it, but many law firms charge upwards of $5,000-15,000. Kim can get you approved for a fraction of the cost.
  • Guarantee – We will work with you until your application is approved by the IRS.

Apply Now:

Complete the form below to apply for a 30-minute complimentary consultation and Kim will contact you.

Note: We only accept a limited number of applicants due to our highly personalized process and the demand for our services. Please apply to schedule a call and we’ll get back to you!

Why Work with Kim?

High Likelihood of Application Approval?
Additional Resources to Get You Started?
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Start Your Nonprofit Today

High Likelihood of Application Approval?
Additional Resources to Get You Started?
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High Likelihood of Application Approval?
Additional Resources to Get You Started?

See What Others are Saying

Start Your Nonprofit

“Kim’s work gave our organization a seat at the table. Her passion matched with her deep experience in nonprofit formation and administration made it possible for me to build my vision and increase our impact.”

– Bonnie Gore, FLAME

“Without Kim’s guidance and support in setting up our nonprofit organization, we would not be where we are today with the simplest things like being able to accept donations the right way. She’s helped us create the proper infrastructure to move ahead and feed more than a million hungry children!”

Brian Zonnefeld and Eric Dowdy, Slammin Famine

Start Your Nonprofit

What about those online legal sites? Can’t I just use those?

If you’re starting a new nonprofit organization, it can be tempting to use the DIY method. Or you may try to use one of those online legal sites to “autofill” your form.

Although those can work, you’re taking a major risk. The IRS doesn’t mess around with nonprofit applications, and in order to get approved, you need to know exactly what they are looking for.

On top of that, it’s easy to sink several hundred dollars in fees into these sites before you even submit your application – and you still need to do all the work!

Wouldn’t you rather hire Kim to help you file your nonprofit application and know that you’re doing it right the first time?

Plus, as a nonprofit founder, your time is better spent raising money, fulfilling your mission, and ensuring your organization has the resources it needs to succeed. Let Kim help you manage the details while you do what you do best – make a difference in the world.

Together we will

  • Clarify your vision and mission statements

  • Draft and file the Articles of Incorporation

  • Determine your bylaws and establish your Board of Directors

  • Produce your first 3-year budget

  • Discuss your initial fundraising plan

Get to Know Kim Vision Catalyst Founder

Hello, I’m so glad you’re here! I’m Kim Fisher, the Chief Strategist here at Vision Catalyst. I’m passionate about partnering with visionary leaders, like you, to achieve their dreams. I’m also an unapologetic people-person who’s happiest when I’m connecting with others and hearing their stories. 

I’ve been at it awhile, having been a nonprofit executive and business coach for over 30 years.” My superpowers come from my extensive experience in both domestic and international organizations and enable me to establish the legal formation and financial and board infrastructure that ensures an organization’s long-term success.  

I have pretty much done everything within a nonprofit, including serving as the CEO of Arms of Love International and at the Director level in the areas of business development, training, marketing, and program development.  

In addition to running my company, I love traveling to unique and far-reaching destinations, learning about and serving local cultures. I’m still known as “Mommy Kim” to children in Russia, Brazil, Senegal, Nicaragua and the Philippines.

And yes, I did go to school awhile back, earning degrees in Psychology and Business from the University of California, Santa Barbara and in Bible and Theology from William Jessup University.  I also hold certificates in counseling, coaching and spiritual direction.  

I’ve been blessed to have lived and worked for many years in the San Francisco Bay Area, but now I call Fort Collins, Colorado home where I live with my sweet Shih Tzu, Rocky. I enjoy serving in my faith community and connecting with friends over a great meal and glass of wine. I try to spend as much time as possible enjoying the breathtaking Colorado outdoors.

Want to get your nonprofit going? Book some time with me.

Start Your Nonprofit